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Sollers Group and RusHydro to launch Russia’s first e-vehicle sharing service in Vladivostok

Sollers Group and RusHydro have agreed to jointly implement Russia’s first e-vehicle sharing project in Vladivostok.

The agreement to that effect was signed by Sollers Group CEO Vadim Shvetsov and RusHydro Management Board Member and First Deputy CEO Yuri Lubimov during the Russian Energy Week on October 13, 2021. The signing ceremony was attended by the Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation Alexander Novak.

The e-vehicle sharing service is planned to be launched in the capital of the Russian Far East in Q2 2022. During the first stage of the project 140 sharing e-vehicles will appear on the streets of Vladivostok, and users of the service will be offered by-the-minute rental of e-vehicles with flexible rates and the option to rent a vehicle for the weekend.

Within the partnership, Sollers Group will be focusing on managing the fleet of e-vehicles through its own digital subscription platform Wize. Meanwhile, RusHydro, which operates the largest chain of charging stations in the Far East, will be a provider of charging services for e-vehicles.

“We are convinced that electric vehicles are going to see wide adoption in Russia as well as in all major markets around the world and that over the next decade electric transport and the accompanying infrastructure are going to become an integral part in the development of smart digital cities. And a key driver in scaling this trend will be car sharing services, taxes, car rental services and electric transport subscription services, “ explained Sollers Group CEO Vadim Shvetsov. “The launch of our car sharing service with RusHydro in Vladivostok will let us test a promising model for the transitioning to electric vehicles in the Far East as well as to start gathering data for further development of products and services for electric transport,” Vadim Shvetsov added. According to Mr Shvetsov, experienced gained as a result of the implementation of the new project in Vladivostok will inform the decisions about which models should be used to scale the e-vehicle rental service to other regions of Russia.


Sollers Group is a group of companies that offer mobility services and solutions to ensure mobility of people, goods and material flows through the creation of industrial products, logistical assets and digital modules. Sollers Group includes businesses that manufacture and sells motor vehicles (SOLLERS Auto), logistical businesses (Pacific Logistics, Lorus SCM) as well as technology companies that develop hardware and software systems as well as digital platforms (PROF-IT GROUP, Conscious Machines, 86 Bits, Lorus Labs, Sollers Technologies). Sollers Group’s total sales exceed RUB 150 billion per year.  

RusHydro is one of the largest energy companies in Russia in terms of installed capacity, operating more than 400 power plants. RusHydro is the first hydroelectric power company in Russia and the fourth one in the world as well as a leading producer of electric power from renewable sources in Russia. The installed power of all the power plants operated by RusHydro, including the Boguchany HPP, is 38 GW.

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